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Festiva by Dal-Tile


Color: Sea Mist 3x6

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Additional colors

Festiva Chiffon 425X425 QF06
Festiva Chiffon 425X85 QF06
Festiva Chiffon 6X6 QF06
Festiva Chiffon 6X8 QF06
Festiva Amber 3X6 QF07
Festiva Amber 425X425 QF07
Festiva Amber 425X85 QF07
Festiva Amber 6X6 QF07
Festiva Amber 6X8 QF07
Festiva Graphite 3X6 QF08
Festiva Graphite 425X425 QF08
Festiva Graphite 425X85 QF08
Festiva Graphite 6X6 QF08
Festiva Graphite 6X8 QF08
Festiva Driftwood 3X6 QF16
Festiva Driftwood 425X425 QF16
Festiva Driftwood 425X85 QF16
Festiva Driftwood 6X6 QF16
Festiva Driftwood 6X8 QF16
Festiva Sienna 3X6 QF20
Festiva Sienna 425X425 QF20
Festiva Sienna 425X85 QF20
Festiva Sienna 6X6 QF20
Festiva Sienna 6X8 QF20
Festiva Root Beer 3X6 QF27
Festiva Root Beer 425X425 QF27
Festiva Root Beer 425X85 QF27
Festiva Root Beer 6X6 QF27
Festiva Root Beer 6X8 QF27
Festiva Green Apple 3X6 QF30
Festiva Green Apple 425X425 QF30
Festiva Green Apple 425X85 QF30
Festiva Green Apple 6X6 QF30
Festiva Green Apple 6X8 QF30
Festiva Chiffon 3X6 QF06
Festiva Sea Mist 3X6 QF41
Festiva Sea Mist 425X425 QF41
Festiva Sea Mist 425X85 QF41
Festiva Sea Mist 6X6 QF41
Festiva Sea Mist 6X8 QF41
Festiva Willow 3X6 QF42
Festiva Willow 425X425 QF42
Festiva Willow 425X85 QF42
Festiva Willow 6X6 QF42
Festiva Willow 6X8 QF42
Festiva Marine 3X6 QF43
Festiva Marine 425X425 QF43
Festiva Marine 425X85 QF43
Festiva Marine 6X6 QF43
Festiva Marine 6X8 QF43
Festiva Spa Blue 3X6 QF44
Festiva Spa Blue 425X425 QF44
Festiva Spa Blue 425X85 QF44
Festiva Spa Blue 6X6 QF44
Festiva Spa Blue 6X8 QF44
Festiva Coal 3X6 QF45
Festiva Coal 425X425 QF45
Festiva Coal 425X85 QF45
Festiva Coal 6X6 QF45
Festiva Coal 6X8 QF45


Product Line NameFestiva
Color Name Sea Mist 3x6
Width 3"
Length 6"


Festiva makes short work of creating attractive applications. Modern colors and multiple sizes are hallmarks of this fashionable, coordinated tile. Festiva's color palette includes over twenty colors with a warm feel - colors that reflect today's natural sensibilities and coordinate with our Natural Hues floor tile. A non-stock item that is made to order, Festiva's many field tile sizes are complemented by a broad trim offering.

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Product Line NameFestiva
Color Name Sea Mist 3x6
Width 3"
Length 6"